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Adding Social Media links to your Google Business Profile

Video transcript:

I recorded this video to run through a change Google have just made on the Google Business Profile to allow you to add your social media links to your profile. In the past what would happen is that they would discover them over time. And if I look at this business profile here, they would appear down the bottom. We found quite often that Google would get the wrong link, they would find the wrong company and put a link in for them.

It only happened with Google finding it themselves. Now you can actually add them yourself and you can add all your different social profiles. We have a client called S&D Paving. At the moment Google haven’t found any of their social media links so I’m going to add them to their profile. All you have to do is click on the edit profile button whilst being logged in.

Then scroll down until you come to social profiles which is marked with NEW. We’ve got several to add for S&D Paving. Facebook I’ll copy the link from their website.
There’s Instagram.

I’m going to put all the main profiles they’ve got in here. They’ve also got LinkedIn and YouTube. They haven’t got anything on TikTok or Twitter. So I’ll just copy them in save the changes. And as with anything that’s on the Google Business Profile they need to review it before it goes live. It takes a few minutes to be approved but that’s all we have to do.

So that’s a very easy way of getting your social profiles into your Google Business Profile rather than waiting for Google to find them. All you have to do is click on the edit profile button, then scroll down to the social media bit which has a blue sticker next to it. Hopefully that’s useful.

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