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Content Marketing Strategies for Maintaining SEO Relevance

A highly important factor in SEO is maintaining relevance in your market by adding ongoing relevant updates to your website. In the Internet age, content is crucial.

Google Loves Fresh Content

In some cases, with the changes in the algorithm, just because you’ve got a great website with the right title tags and all the best links, you may get discounted if they’re not seeing fresh information posted on a consistent basis.

Google loves fresh content, and it is important to have a methodology where you are creating and posting content to your website on a regular basis. I want to give you a framework for figuring out what kind of content you could write, why you should create content, and how you can do it consistently.

First, you need to understand and accept that you need to become a subject matter expert. You might not consider yourself a writer or a content creator, but you are a subject matter expert.

There are things you know that the general population does not. You’re an expert when it comes to the service you are offering, and you have a team of people who are proficient in this area as well. You can create content on the topic that you know most about.

You can write about a variety of different topics including 1-2 relevant keywords. You may not think it at first, but there are a lot of different topics in your industry you can come up with to create content about.

Types of Content

You should also consider that content doesn’t have to be just written words in the form of articles. Content can come in a variety of forms. The most popular are going to be articles, photos, videos and audio files. Stop and think about what content creation method works best for you.

Some people are great writers and that’s their strength. Other people like to be on camera. I personally like to create videos, as I am very comfortable with this.

You can create content in many different ways. As it is what I enjoy most, I’ll use video as an example. A business director can set up a camera and record themself explaining the services their company has to offer in the market, in the same manner that they would explain it to a customer.

Now you’ll actually have multiple pieces of content. You’ll have a video, which can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, Tiktok etc. This one piece of content can create multiple invaluable links to your website.

You can also take that video, save the audio portion of it, and you’ve got an audio clip. You can upload that audio file to your website and post on other various sites.

You can use a transcription service like Descript where you upload the audio or video file and it is converted into text.

For a couple of pounds, you’ll have a complete article consisting of what you said. Now you’ve got a piece of content you can post to your blog.

Content Consistency

You want to create content on a consistent basis, using the blog on your website as the hub to post it, but then syndicating it to various sources.

Syndicate it to article directory sites if it’s in text form, and send it to video sites like Vimeo and YouTube if it’s in video form. Doing this keeps the content fresh on your website/domain and creates a lot of authority, which is really going to help with the overall ranking of the website on the search engines.

You want to make sure you’re appropriating each one of these link-building opportunities to maximise your rank-potential in your area. You might be surprised that the services you offer are highly competitive from a SEO perspective. There are a lot of companies who want to rank for the same keywords, and many of them have invested heavily in the Internet and in getting themselves higher in the search engines.

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